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Our Slovinian subsidiary was founded in February 2004 in Maribor. The company's focus is on the editing and provision of specialist information for business customers. Among other things, Forum Media publishes regularly updated manuals, portals and practical guides for various subject areas such as HR Management, Accounting and Finance, Technology, Environment and Waste Management, Schools and Kindergartens, Management and Public Administration.

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With its strong brand FORUM Akademija, it is also a well-established provider of different educational services. In less than ten years, its seminars, multi-component training modules, e-learning courses, seminars and conferences have had more than 17,000 satisfied participants.

Since its foundation, the company has constantly grown. The company was awarded as a Slovenian Top Employer and by several AAA Certificates of Creditworthiness Excellence.The main policy of the company is to offer practical information of high quality in the most suitable form. For more information about the company and its products please see the website.


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