We also provide specialist information for the leisure sector, covering a wide range of topics such as travel, animals, music, food and sport.

Specialist magazine SportsEvents

The US trade magazine SportsEvents is designed to help planners of sports events and competitions to organize their events effectively, purposefully and successfully. The content includes helpful articles, news and information relevant to the planning of sports events. The magazine also hosts S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference, which aims to bring together owners and rights holders of sports events with hosts and suppliers from the sports industry.


Special interest magazine frankie

The Australian lifestyle magazine frankie is dedicated to topics such as art, photography, music, fashion, handicrafts, design, travel, real life and also serious matters. The target group is primarily women. The magazine impresses with its fresh, unusual writing style and stories that inspire.


Sailing trips on the Eye of the Wind

The more than 110-year-old tall ship Eye of the Wind has had its new home port at FORUM train & sail GmbH, one of our German subsidiaries, since 2009. Originally used as a cargo ship, the two-master was later seen in numerous Hollywood films. Today, it is used all year round for sailing trips, exclusive charter opportunities and high-quality management training.


Specialist magazine DER HUND

The traditional special interest magazine DER HUND (“The Dog”), which has been in existence since 1876, is now published by FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH and is aimed at all dog owners as well as anyone who is professionally involved with dogs. The brand includes an online platform, an exclusive club and numerous training opportunities and events.


Magazine Reisemobil International

Our German subsidiary DoldeMedien Verlag offers an extensive portfolio in the camping and caravanning sector. The best-known magazine is Reisemobil International. This fascinating motorhome magazine reports on all topics of interest to caravaning enthusiasts, from industry trends to travel reports and excursions to an extensive service section. Vehicle tests also make up a large part of the magazine.


Further offers

We also offer a broad portfolio in the leisure, lifestyle and wellness sector, which is aimed partly at B2B and partly at end customers.