The various products and services of our subsidiaries demonstrate measures to ensure safety in the workplace and prevent accidents in accordance with applicable occupational health and safety regulations. Special topics such as fire protection, electrical safety and hazardous substances are also taken into account.

Specialist media in Germany

The subject area “Occupational health and safety” of FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH (FVHG) includes many classic print products such as the Emergency manual as well as books on other regulations that must be posted. However, numerous digital products such as the fachtutorials are also offered. The FVHG also offers numerous products on the subject of electrical safety.


Professional training at AKADEMIE HERKERT

AKADEMIE HERKERT offers various short training courses, seminars and e-learning courses on all aspects of occupational safety, including further training for fire safety officers. Another event highlight is the Work Safety Day – a much-attended live online conference.


Specialist magazine FEUERWEHR – Retten | Löschen | Bergen

The specialist magazine FEUERWEHR (“Fire fighters”) provides fascinating operational reports, useful information on the latest technology and interesting specialist articles. The service section contains current dates and important addresses. The magazine is aimed at all volunteer firefighters and full-time employees in fire departments, rescue services, fire and disaster protection and all interested parties.


Further offers

Many of our global subsidiaries offer products and services in the field of occupational health and safety.