We help you protect sensitive data, defend against cyberattacks and manage your modern information technology. With specialist information, further training and service offerings, we make your company fit to deal with data protection and IT topics such as artificial intelligence.

Online platform iTnews

iTnews has been the leading news site for the Australian IT industry for more than 18 years, serving key IT professionals and decision makers with trusted, factual and relevant coverage of the sector. The brand also includes podcasts and awards and now has a branch for the Asian market.


Specialist media of the FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH

Anyone who processes personal data is obliged to comply with extensive data protection regulations. The data protection and IT information products from FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH offer precisely the information that managing directors and data protection officers need to know in order to document and organize the topic of data protection in the company in a legally compliant manner.


Further training at AKADEMIE HERKERT

AKADEMIE HERKERT offers a broad portfolio of events in the field of data protection and IT security. The offer is aimed at both future and experienced data protection officers, information security officers and managers. The courses and seminars are suitable for all those responsible for data processing, data protection and IT and information security.


Further offers

Many of our global subsidiaries offer products and services in the field of occupational health and safety.