FORUM MEDIA POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Poland

ul Polska 13
60-595 Poznan
Phone: +48 61 66 55 800
Fax: +48 61 66 55 888
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Website: www.e-forum.pl


Forum Media Polska was established in Poland in 1998. For over 22 years we have been delivering practical knowledge and business solutions to customers from different sectors such as public administration, education, sports, building and construction, logistics, health and nutrition.

Forum Poland Magazines

Our task is to ensure the availability of information anywhere, anyhow. We want to inspire people to develop not only their professional, but also personal skills.

Forum Poland Platform

We are proud of the fact that:
• we have prospered in the Polish publishing sector for 22 years
• we are the first subsidiary established by German FMG
• we are currently one of the 3 biggest professional publishers in Poland
• we have more than 100 publications and 100 Nano degree courses in on-going sales
• we have above 400 000 satisfied customers
• we have trained over 70 000 specialists during the last 10 years

Behind this success there are over 250 employees working every day for Forum Media Polska.

Forum Media Polska – the company which takes care of your business and supports your passions.

For more information about the professional publishing field of the company and its products please see FORUM MEDIA POLSKA Sp. Z. o. o. Poland