Editorial Jurídica Sepín, Spain

C/ Mahón, 8
28290 Las Rozas
Phone: +34 91 352 75 51 
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Editorial Jurídica Sepín (Sepín) is one of the leading legal professional publishing houses in Spain. Founded in 1982, it has always focused its business on subscriptions -  initially with legal magazines, later with databases on CD-Rom, and currently with general databases such as "Cronus 4 Plus" and "Top Jurídico" with more than 20 specialities. The company also provides its customers with other portals of digital services, such as "Biblioteca online" or "Revistas Digitales". In addition, Sepín also offers Monographs
and Training for business purposes in all matters of Law and Legal Affairs.

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Editorial Jurídica Sepín -  A world of possibilities
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Cronus Jurídico 4 Plus
General Database
4 powerful databases: Jurisprudence, Doctrine and Consultations, Forms and Legislation, with the Connection Plus to On · Line Library, Digital Magazines and Utilities
Solutions in 10.5 seconds

Top Jurídico
21 specialists at your service
Databases of Jurisprudence, Doctrine and Consultations, Forms, Legislation. With the On · Line Library Plus, Digital Magazines and Utilities.

Online Library
Monographs and Digital Editions

Digital Magazines
News, Analysis and Opinion

Tools and Information

Consulting Services
Custom Answers

Legal class
Online and Classroom Training

Online shop
24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

For more information about the company and its products please visit the Sepín-Homepage.