Fórum Média Kiadó Kft, Hungary

Váci út 91.
1139 Budapest
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The Fórum Média Kiadó Kft. has been successfully publishing handbooks, periodicals, AND magazines as well as organising conferences and training for mostly mid-level and top managers, in the field of labour law, labour safety, construction, taxation, company leadership, public education, and transport since 2000 in Hungary.

The fundamental goal of our work is to provide our customers high-level, professional, well written and easily accessible materials. Our customers - by owning this knowledge – are not only saving a significant amount of time and cost, but can also be prepared for the constantly changing business requirements and economic environments. The information and up-to-date solutions - given by us - enable them to improve their efficiency too. 

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The products of Fórum Média Kiadó Kft: 

• In case of our Handbooks - thanks to our service of issuing updates in every quarter – our subscribers can extend and refresh the content of their basic products by easily changing the sheets. Our subscribers can also access materials, which can instantly be applied in their work, with documents such as: samples, calculations, records and contract texts, without requiring any outer professional help. The contents of most of our handbooks are accessible also in digital form. 

Periodicals/Magazines: Munkajog (Labour Law), Munkavédelem (Labour Safety), Tűzvédelem (Fire Safety), Controlling, Számvitel (Accounting), Adótanácsadó (Tax Counsellor), Áfa kulcs (VAT Key), Közpénz-gazdálkodási tanácsadó (Public Funds Management Counsellor). These monthly periodicals cover the fields of company- and institution leadership. Közoktatás vezető (Public Education Leader) magazine approaches the leaders of public educational institutions, whereas Műszaki Ellenőr (Engineer Controller), Megtérülő Épületenergetika (Recoverable Building Energetics) magazines help construction professionals broaden their knowledge. Targeting the decision-makers and professionals in the field of transport, Magyar Közlekedés (Public Transport) Navigátor (Navigator) and Vezetékek Világa (World of Wires) are market leaders amongst the transport magazines. Our periodicals, magazines operate mainly from subscription income. Most income from our transport magazines and the Megtérülő Épületenergetika (Recoverable Building Energetics) is generated from advertisements.
Our periodicals and magazines have printed and online versions as well. Our periodicals all have a dedicated homepage, filled with valuable on-line professional content and services. 

Professional training, conferences: The fastest growing part of our company is training and conferences. We organise professional training in the field, where we already have a reputation thanks to our high quality periodicals. However our training branch offers a great opportunity to discover new target groups as well.

We provide training in several formats in the Hungarian field: face-to-face seminars, in-house trainings, on-line seminars and overall educational programmes consisting of more modules can also be found in our portfolio. We organizse several great nationwide conferences, mainly on the field of transport and construction. The biggest percentage of the conferences’ revenue comes from delegate´s participation fees, but the ratio of revenue generated by sponsorship is getting bigger and bigger in this sector.

For more information about the company and its products please see Fórum Média Kiadó Kft. Hungary.