Change in the Board of Directors

Norbert Bietsch worked for FORUM for a total of almost 30 years. In 1996, he joined FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH as commercial director and authorized signatory, and from 2001 to 2004 he was its managing director. From 2005, he was commercial director of the newly founded holding company FORUM MEDIA GROUP. During his tenure, FORUM grew into an international media group with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Wechsel Geschaeftsleitung

Katrin Krauß-Herkert takes over the tasks of Norbert Bietsch at FORUM MEDIA GROUP from now on. ©FORUM MEDIA GROUP


Gratitude for the good collaboration

Company founder Ronald Herkert thanked Norbert Bietsch for the long and faithful cooperation. “You have your permanent place in our history and FORUM will remember your work fondly and with respect,” said Ronald Herkert. His daughter Katrin Krauß-Herkert, who has been a member of FORUM's management since 2020, will take over Norbert Bietsch’s responsibilities as COO/CFO. She also expressed her thanks for the good introduction to her tasks and the well-organized handover.

The management of FORUM MEDIA GROUP is now in the hands of a dual leadership consisting of Katrin Krauß-Herkert and CEO Magdalena Balanicka, former General Manager of the Polish subsidiary, as well as the Board of Directors, which also includes Mihaela Mravlje and Erik Tolles. An Advisory Board, chaired by company founder Ronald Herkert, provides further counsel.