Focus on sustainability

Savings through appropriate modernization

Solaranlage Merching

A photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof of the headquarters in Merching since the end of 2008. This produces 95,000 kwh of electricity and covers more than 50% of the power requirements (150,000 kwh in the building and 30,000 kwh in the Glasforum event room). In addition, this saves around 46 t CO2 of the approximately 90 t CO2 that FORUM would otherwise produce through electricity consumption.

In addition, around 15 t of CO2 are saved annually at the company headquarters by purchasing green electricity from renewable generation plants in Europe. Compared to 2019, annual electricity consumption in the building was also reduced by 10%, which in turn corresponds to CO2 savings of 7 t. This is mainly due to the renewal of the heating pumps in the building. In the Glass Forum, the electricity consumption of the air conditioning system was reduced by 25% compared to 2018 by keeping the room there on continuous draft.


Eliminating plastic and recycling

In Merching, ther company offers water dispensers, so no one now has to rely on disposable plastic bottles for the office. All employees are also encouraged to ensure strict waste separation to enable recycling. Separate garbage cans and trash cans are available at several locations in the building for this purpose. For sporting events such as the Augsburg company run, FORUM equips participants with sustainable jerseys of the NVR RST brand, which are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

LagerVarious measures have also been introduced at the warehouse in Mering in recent years to make shipping more environmentally friendly and more sustainable overall. For some time now, FORUM magazines have no longer been sealed in plastic but packed in paper. In addition, the use of plastic bubble wrap has been reduced by about half. As an alternative, bags from the company karopack are now used. These bags contain shredded waste paper and can be used as filling material during shipping. The shreds of old FORUM products thus ensure that the new products reach the customer undamaged. Instead of plastic tape, an alternative made of paper is usually used. Almost all shipping packaging is also made from recycled cardboard or paper.


Use of environmentally friendly means of transport

Fahrraeder MerchingThere are numerous covered bicycle parking spaces available next to the company building. Incentives are being created by the HR department to use a bicycle or eBike. Since this year, it has been possible for FORUM employees to lease a bicycle or eBike through the provider Jobrad. FORUM also regularly participates in the "Bike to Work" campaign, which is organized throughout Germany by the health insurance company AOK in conjunction with the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (ADFC).

Since the well-frequented Augsburg-Munich rail line is not far away, business trips have long been made mostly by train. Those who rely on a car for their commute are encouraged to carpool. Special parking spaces are available for this purpose.

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP owns the sailing ship "Eye of the Wind", which enables environmentally friendly travel. The 110-year-old ship combines contemporary comfort with the possibility to travel in a traditional way. Although the ship also has an engine, it is navigated under sail as often and as long as possible. The interior of the ship is mostly made of recycled materials. The wood paneling is mostly from a London bank building that was about to be demolished. In May and June, the sailing vessel was used as part of a research project to determine the microplastic content of the North and Baltic Seas. The Eye of the Wind serves both as an in-house training vessel and can be rented for executive training and private trips. For more information, visit


Establishment of a sustainability platform

MondoMio LogoRecently, employees of the FORUM MEDIA GROUP launched the sustainability platform Employees from all subsidiaries have the opportunity to participate in the project. In doing so, everyone can contribute their individual professional experiences. The project is intended both to further promote environmental awareness at FORUM and to strengthen international cooperation. At the same time, MondoMio addresses the general public via the website and social media and raises awareness of environmental issues among a wider audience.

AKADEMIE HERKERT, which is part of the FORUM MEDIA GROUP, also offers several further education courses in the area of environmental issues, including a certificate course for CSR/Sustainability Officer. At the Austrian subsidiary FORUM VERLAG HERKERT, it is possible to take further education courses to become a certified sustainability manager. For more information, visit and