Online platform MondoMio – Working together for more sustainability

Working together to preserve the earth's natural resources – that is the idea behind the MondoMio project, which was launched by FORUM MEDIA GROUP employees. While working together on an international project, some colleagues talked about how they see climate change and environmental pollution as the most pressing problems of our time. They all shared a desire to live more sustainably, knowing that each individual alone cannot achieve a real impact. This gave rise to the idea of building an online community that would provide individuals with information and support they need to make a difference.

MondoMio, the Italian expression for “my world”, was chosen as the name for the website. In setting up the platform, the team was able to benefit from their many years of experience at a media company specializing in professional information. They wrote numerous articles on climate and environmental topics, always paying attention to thorough research and fact checking. At, users can find out how to live as plastic-free as possible and why seasonal and regional fruit and vegetables are the right choice, for example. Those interested can become a member of the platform free of charge so they can always stay up to date. Members can also write their own contributions, such as gardening tips or vegan recipes.

Screenshot MondoMio

Screenshot of the website

Expansion of the project

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP supports the MondoMio project, which will now be expanded internally. Employees from all subsidiaries have the opportunity to participate in the project. Everyone can contribute their individual professional expertise, be it researching facts, writing posts, new marketing ideas or IT skills. The project aims to promote environmental awareness as well as strengthen international cooperation. Through its website and social media, MondoMio simultaneously addresses the general public and raises awareness of environmental issues among a wider audience.

MondoMio can also be found on Facebook and Instagram: