FMG is in the finals of the "Grand Prix for mid-sized companies in Germany"

All enterprises, which reached the so-called "jury stage" at the "Grand Prix for mid-sized companies", were invited to a solemn ceremony at the Munich Nymphenburg Palace.

For the FMG, Rosina Jennissen (Managing Director of "FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien") gladly accepted the coveted record, presented by the German ski jumping legend Dieter Thoma (on the right) and Dr. Gert Bruckner from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and Media, Energy and Technology (left).

Jennissen: "It is an honor to receive this recognition of our entrepreneurial commitment at the most prestigious German Economy Award." The "Grand Prix for mid-sized companies" (until 2005: "Oskar for medium-sized business") has been an annual competition for medium-sized enterprises since 1995. In a ranking surveyed by scientists from the isw Halle, the "Grand Prix" achieved number one among 536 German economic awards and competitions. The prize is awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation.

Applying for oneself is not possible, all participants have to be proposed by a third party. In 2017, a total of 4,923 companies were nominated for the award by more than 1,400 municipalities, institutions, chambers, associations, companies and individuals. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP was proposed by Mr Martin Walch, Mayor of Merching, where the FORUM headquarter is located.