2018-2008 ...


FORUM MEDIA GROUP celebrates its 30th anniversary and has more than 1,200 employees in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

With the acquisition of Trade Press Media Group, Inc. (TPMG), FORUM MEDIA GROUP takes over a long-standing media company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).

nextmedia creates Australia's first women's sports network with the online sports portal "The Women's Game".


FORUM MEDIA GROUP acquires 80% of Asian media company Lighthouse Independent Media with a product portfolio in the segment human resources and marketing. FORUM MEDIA GROUP continues its expansion course and acquires Editorial Jurídica Sepín, one of Spain's leading legal publishing houses.

FORUM MEDIA GROUP acquires publishing company EUROSTAV in Bratislava, market leader in the Slovakian architectural segment.

With the acquisition of Veterinary Practice News, the most relevant B2B magazine for veterinarians, FMG takes its first step into the US market. The magazine is published by Canadian FORUM subsidiary Kenilworth.

Other companies of the group are also continuing to grow. The Stuttgart-based publisher DoldeMedien takes over "RUNNING - Das Laufmagazin", one of the leading German running magazines. In addition, FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien (FZS) further expands its expertise in the "Animals" segment and now operates "", one of the largest German online portals for dog owners.

 8. Ausbau des internationalen Portfolios

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP enters a strategic partnership with BCM - a major publisher of special interest magazines (Outdoor / leisure, animals, music) in the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2016 the FORUM MEDIA GROUP employs more than 1.020 people on 4 continents.

 zukauf kanada

At the beginning of 2014 Forum GesundheitsMedien GmbH is integrated into FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH (FVHG). In April, the group acquires the Canadian Magazine Publisher Kenilworth with a portfolio of premium magazines in the construction, pool & spa, as well as the signage sector.

As of 1 October the Polish subsidiary acquires the Polish special interest publisher Dr Josef Raabe. The magazine "Die Reiterin" is sold end of 2014.


FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH purchases one of the oldest dog magazines in Germany, Der Hund. In a joint venture with the Dutch ACSI, DoldeMedien publishes the new magazine Freelife for the Dutch market. In June the Russian subsidiary acquired the shares of a training company called "Impulse". In Hungary the subsidiary purchases three well-recognised transportation/transport magazine titles from Magyar Közlekedési Kiadó Kft (MKK) as well as six related conferences in the same market. Also in August the German subsidiary FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH acquired the trade journal buongiorno italia. As of 1 October the Australian consumer publishing group nextmedia, with over 40 specialist magazine titles, books and digital products becomes part of the FORUM group. By November FORUM is represented in Zagreb, Croatia with a subsidiary.

 Flag of Slovakia svg

The Czech subsidiary officially opens a branch in Bratislava. The 'Eye of the Wind' is now registered under the flag of Jersey (one of the Channel Islands). FORUM MEDIA Ventures GmbH is launched in June. This unit supports start-ups with promising ideas in the area of information, education or entertainment with the necessary funds and the long-standing know-how of the media group. Around 750 employees are working for FORUM worldwide.

 Motoretta Cover

Another subsidiary is founded in Kazakhstan in February. The 'Eye of the Wind' celebrates its centenary on 30 April 2011. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP is awarded by the Bavarian Government with the SIEgER 2011 – Gerechte Chancen in der Arbeitswelt ('Equal chances in the workplace') award.

MOTORETTA GmbH Verlags- und Mediengruppe Co. KG in Recklinghausen is acquired by the FORUM MEDIA GROUP.  MOTORETTA magazine is acquired, complementing the product portfolio of DoldeMedien Verlag GmbH in Stuttgart. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP receives the award 'Bavaria's Best 50' for the fourth time. In September the company celebrates the completion of the corporate building with an opening and an open day. Intraprendi was sold on 1 December.

 IndustrieBAU Cover

The magazine "Die Reiterin", the first consumer magazine aimed at women riders, establishes itself on the German market after being developed in-house.

As of September 2010, FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH takes over the magazines industrieBau and zeno from Callwey publishing house in Munich. About 700 employees worldwide are working for the FORUM MEDIA GROUP.


The magazine division of FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH is established as an independent company operating under the name of FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH. In February, the Stuttgart-based special interest publisher DoldeMedien Verlag GmbH with magazines and catalogues focused on camper vans and caravans is acquired. In April the FORUM MEDIA GROUP buys a Danish shipping company along with the vessel Eye of the Wind. Under the name FORUM train & sail GmbH , such services as team-building activities and professional training for executives are offered. The vessel can also be booked for strategy meetings or incentive trips. In August FMG purchases dw Medien Verlag, a direct marketing publisher focused on the construction industry based in Bielefeld. Another acquisition is the Polish magazine publisher IPM, located in Wroclaw. FORUM MEDIA GROUP also acquires a 45% interest in the software company INTRAPREND, based in Wiesbaden. By now over 650 employees are working worldwide for the FMG.


The Forum GesundheitsMedien is set up to focus on the healthcare sector and takes over all health-related products of the "Selected Stallions" yearbook. The subsidiary in Poland purchases the online platform FMG still expands eastwards and establishes a subsidiary in Serbia. 

FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH purchases the yearbook 'Ausgewählte Hengste Deutschlands' ('Selected Stallions of Germany'), as well as the internet platform FORUM MEDIA GROUP celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Meanwhile over 600 employees are working for the company.




2007-2004 ...


A further subsidiary takes up business in Austria. The magazine hotelbau is launched. 406 employees are now working for the FORUM MEDIA GROUP.


The company reaches out to Russia and picks up its business activities in the subsidiary which was founded late in 2005. A further foundation follows in Turkey. The expansion of the FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH goes on with the new purchased magazines equitrends und Pferdebetrieb – das Profimagazin. 406 employees are now working for the FORUM MEDIA GROUP.


Foundation of FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH as a holding and parent company of all subsidiaries. The seventh foreign subsidiary is founded in Romania. The eighth subsidiary is in Italy, which starts its business activities this same year. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP consists of more than 340 employees and ranks again among “Bayerns Best 50” according to the Bavarian Ministry of Economics.


The shareholding of the Forum GesundheitsMedien GmbH rises to 60%. A fifth foreign subsidiary starts business in Slovenia and the Polish FORUm subsidiary establishes a new branch in the Czech Republic. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP now employs around 300 employees.

2003-1999 ...


The company expands its range of topics in the private section by purchasing the Stöppel Verlags, a publisher for travel and hiking guides.
The Polish subsidiary takes over the Polish affiliate of the WEKA Group. By now the company consists of 289 employees. The new acquisitions are integrated into the group and operate under the names of Stöppel FreizeitMedien GmbH, Forum Media Sp. z o.o. Poland and Forum GesundheitsMedien GmbH (formerly KS-Der Zahnarztverlag). For the first time the FORUM MEDIA GROUP ranks among “Bayerns Best 50” and receives an award as one of the “fastest growing companies in Bavaria” from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics.


The FORUM MEDIA GROUP acquires a major share in "KS- Der Zahnarztverlag", a professional publisher for Special Information on Dentistry. The fourth international FORUM company is founded in the United Kingdom.


At the end of 2001 FORUM employes 217 colleagues.


The company purchases the BranchenMedien publishing house as well as founds two new foreign subsidiaries in Hungary and China. The publishing house purchases the trade journal Catering Management Magazin.

1998-1988 ...


The first international subsidiary starts business in Poland. The head office in Germany celebrates its tenth anniversary. The company employs 82 employees.


The first FORUM online product enters the market. The company employs around 45 employees.


The company moves into their new headquarters in Merching, near Augsburg.  Besides loose-leaf products, books and forms, the specialist publishing house’s range of products now includes seminars, newsletter and software products.

Facility Manager

The specialist publication Der Facility Manager, dealing with building and facility management, is launched. By now the publication is firmly established as the leading and highest subscribed specialist magazine within the field of facility management.


FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH consists of two stable and fast growing divisions; the magazine publishing house and the specialist publishing house. The company has 30 employees.


From now on the one-man company trades under the name of FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH.


The FORUM MEDIA GROUP starts business as a one-man company under the name “Forum Verlag Herkert” founded by the company owner and managing partner Ronald Herkert. The first title is "FORUM”, a publication about the products and the company itself. The company employs two employees.