FORUM MEDIA d.o.o., Serbia

Kralja Milutina 46-48
11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 329 2963
Fax:      +381 11 329 2963
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FORUM MEDIA d.o.o. Belgrade is a publishing company founded in June 2008 as another independent company within the FORUM MEDIA GROUP. The company provides many large, medium and small businesses and branch offices in Serbia with its products.

FORUM MEDIA d.o.o. Belgrade has published handbooks in various fields including labor law, public procurement, finance, health and safety at work, waste management, fire safety, management, and business communication.

Our handbooks are written for the Serbian legislative system and to address the needs of local businesses, and current changes in the market. The authors of our publications are experts from government institutions, leading businesses, and consulting companies.

In addition to handbooks, FORUM MEDIA d.o.o. Belgrade has realized more than 100 different professional training packages. We are recognised as providing the best speakers for training, organized in pleasant surroundings of some of the best local hotels. Our training sessions always achieve exceptional interactivity and participants do not leave without answers to their questions.


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We provide our customers with current business, economic and legal information, as well as useful and practical forms, examples, samples and other material, and guarantee practical application in their everyday work.


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Our creative team of employees is ready to achieve its business, and is eager to be the leading company in its field, following the high standards of the FORUM MEDIA GROUP.

For more information about the company and its products please visit our website.